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International Society Advance Microfiber Education
The Society is a 5013(c) non profit organization dedicated to Microfiber research, development and dessimination of techincal information about Microfiber.
Our Pupose to to provide:
1. Latest most accurate technical and labratory information and comparison of the variouse available microfibers @  products on the market and in development to be available in th.
2. Provide information that will allow the public and private sector to be best informed about Microfiber and its related technology.
3. Provide Microfiber product analysis and testing at reasonable fee for anyone public or private who wishes to submit product.
4. Publish informational and technical articles and treatise on current and developing Microfiber technology(ies), to be available at no cost to public and private on line and in be published in appropriate professional and technical journals.
5. To serve the public in providing the most accurate, descriptive and detailed information about Microfiber and related technolog.
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